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Today people are becoming increasingly aware that the repairs to their earthquake affected property are inadequate, or that a past payment that they received from their insurer does not cover their true loss or cost of repairs to their property.

Many people are unsure of the next steps or how they could resolve this issue. This is often highlighted when selling your home and an engineer’s report is required for the new purchaser. These reports can often point to foundation damage that has never been properly addressed and may cost a significant amount to repair. In some cases the repair cost can equate to a complete rebuild of the home.

My Insurance Claim has a team of specialists dedicated to identifying the damage to your property and assessing your insurance entitlement.

Residential Claims

Many people find running a claim far more complex than they had expected. This is where we come in — we know exactly where to look when it comes to reviewing your insurance policy and assessing the damage to your property. After gathering the relevant information, we'll present your case to the insurer.

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Business Claims

Understanding the complexities of a business interruption claim can be difficult, with important information hidden deep within insurance policy documents. We have experts that can help assess your loss of revenue and access to your property because of a disaster.

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Our Process

Property Inspection

We have a team of specialist forensic damage assessors who inspect, photograph and record full details of damage to your property. This is presented and discussed with you in a Full Damage Report so assessments can then be made as to how to best deal with your property.

No Win, No Fee

We remove the financial burden of taking action against the EQC and your insurance company because you only pay us if we achieve a successful outcome for you*.

*(conditions apply)

Policy Review

As the above inspection is underway we gather information from you on the work that the Earthquake Commission have completed on your home and payments that they have made to you. We also look at the role of the insurance company in your settlement. Key to that is reviewing your policy documents to ensure that you have the necessary coverage above that provided by the EQC.

Expert Reports

It is usual to obtain reports on Geotech (soil), Structural Engineering (Dwelling), and a Quantity Survey (cost of repairs) to support your claim. These reports are collated with our own findings and coordinated into a complete claim for presentation to the EQC and insurer.

Claims Resolution

Our aim is to negotiate a settlement with the EQC and insurer without legal action. However if a satisfactory result cannot be achieved then your case will be reviewed, and subject to our mutual agreement proceedings will be commenced to recover your loss. Where proceedings are filed it is common to reach a settlement prior to going to Court, but in instances where that is not possible a determination will be required from the Court. We will work closely with you throughout the journey ensuring that you are informed and supported.