Homeowners’ check for damage after New Zealand’s recent earthquake

Whoa! Who felt that?! A 6.0 magnitude earthquake event rocked the south of New Zealand yesterday 25 June 2020, immediately followed by an aftershock of 3.6 magnitude. Although centred near Milford Sound, experts have already confirmed these shakes are a result of the same process that drives all earthquake sequences in New Zealand – including the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Sequence (CES). This is a timely reminder that New Zealand will continue to rattle and roll and we need to check on not only each other, but on our homes too.

How do you check your house for damage after an earthquake?

After any shake or jolt, no matter how big or small, check your house for earthquake damage with these five steps:

  1. Know your insurance policy. Depending on your earthquake insurance provider and date of schedule, you may be covered for full replacement or indemnity value. Ensure this is up to date and you are covered by EQC for any event.
  2. Take detailed photographs of your wall linings, ceiling linings, and joineries inside. Walk around your house and garage and photograph the exterior cladding and foundation. Don’t forget to take photos of your driveway, paths, and fences also – cracks on the surface could pose larger problems with drainage if not properly checked.
  3. Take note of any stuck or loose doors, windows, and cabinetry. If any doors or windows are jamming following a quake, we want to know about it.
  4. Note any leaking ceilings and creaking floors. These may be partly attributed to the age or general condition of your home but may also point to a bigger structural issue such as damaged foundations, so best to check.
  5. If possible, check for uneven floor and wall levels of your house and garage. If you do not have the means to check this yourself, we can do this for you with a free Preliminary Earthquake Damage Report of your property.

Think your home has earthquake damage? Here’s how we can help.

With over 8 years of experience in managing earthquake-related insurances claims we know it is imperative to take detailed photographs of both the interior and the exterior of your home to know the current condition as much as possible, and most importantly to lodge an earthquake damage claim for each event. Any damage caused by the Canterbury earthquakes should be repaired but as some will be aware, it is common for EQC and private insurers to claim that issues with homes are pre-existing and not caused by earthquakes.

If your home has damage as a result of the recent earthquake (or any past earthquake sequences), the experts at My Insurance Claim are on your side to prove the damage is not pre-existing. Our technical and legal team will provide complimentary structural damage reports, analysis of your insurance policy and EQC documents, and advocate for you to ensure you receive the maximum entitlement from EQC and your insurer.

We offer a no-obligation damage inspection of your property, so get in touch - you may be entitled to an earthquake damage claim!