Mairehau, Christchurch

Case study

The Situation

Our clients were a family of three who bought a home in Mairehau, Christchurch that was built in the 1950s. Their home had heavy cladding and the brick work was beautifully laid. Before they purchased the property, the husband (who was a builder) had observed no damage to the ring foundation and bricks, noted that the floors were level and that the house was in a good condition overall.

The Canterbury earthquake events in 2010 and 2011 damaged the foundation, leaving cracks on the brick walls that they so adored and leaving the floors significantly uneven. Sadly, the couple passed away leaving the property to their only son to continue with their earthquake claim.

Despite the level of damages from the earthquakes, the Earth Quake Commission (EQC) only paid a total of about $80,000 for repairs to the property. A second round of repairs was completed by the insurer, however these were also largely inadequate to address the extent of earthquake damage to the property.

This was a very stressful situation for the son living at the property, who had been pressured by EQC into signing that the repairs had been completed and that he was satisfied with the quality of the repairs.

My Insurance Claim’s Process

The client heard about My Insurance Claim (MIC) on the radio, so approached us for a reassessment of his claim. Our team of specialists met with him and commenced the following steps to achieve a successful outcome:

  • Obtained our clients’ documentation from their insurer and EQC
  • Full Damage Inspection conducted by in-house specialised damage assessors
  • Our Claims Managers interviewed the client and put together his Statutory Declarations outlining what happened to the property during the time of the earthquakes
  • Engaged with Independent Engineers
  • Upon gathering expert information, engaged with EQC and the insurer to present a report of our assessment of the damages and negotiate to reach a settlement agreement

The Outcome

MIC were able to successfully negotiate a positive settlement for our client, achieving an additional payment of approximately $555,000 on top of the $80,000 our client had originally received from EQC.

This second payment made a huge difference for our client who was able to undertake a whole new build of the house, including a full foundation replacement, so that he could sell the property and relocate.

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