St Albans, Christchurch

Case study

The Situation

Our clients were a couple located in St Albans, Christchurch. After three major earthquakes events of September 2010, February 2011 and 13 June 2011, their property had suffered significant damage. The damage was so severe, the interior of the house was not protected and allowed water to pour in when it rained.

Their insurer assessed the damage as a ‘jack and pack’ re-level, which did not account for all of the damage. The insurer further advised that they were not prepared to support the client, and that the repair cost would need to come out of their accommodation allowance. The Earthquake Commission (EQC) had previously paid two full cap payments for the earthquake that took place in June, which was not sufficient to cover the property damage.

As a result, our client was forced to spend their own money and time to attempt to repair their property. After four years of stress and empty promises from their insurer, our client had given up hope.

My Insurance Claim’s Process

The clients decided to engage My Insurance Claim after receiving a recommendation. Our team of specialists met with the clients, and immediately commenced the following steps to assess their claim:

  • Requested privacy disclosure of documentation, including Policy schedules and EQC documents
  • Undertook a full assessment of claim and documentation
  • Undertook an in-house assessment of the client’s property
  • Established the facts from homeowners interview
  • Engaged with the insurer and presented a report of the damage and claim
  • Engaged independent assessors/engineers
  • Projected an advanced cost of repairs based on external and independent assessments.

The Outcome

A successful outcome was obtained for our client by challenging the insurer’s decision - that it was uneconomic to repair our client’s property. This led to a signed discharge agreement to settle at the property’s replacement value, calculated to be a significant amount. Over $2,000,000 was paid to our client within seven days after the deduction, and money received from the EQC. As a result of this outcome, our client was able to repair the property to its original condition. They then went on to use their home as an investment property and have since bought a smaller home in the North of Canterbury where have relocated to enjoy their retirement.

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