The team at My Insurance Claim provided an easy and helpful service dealing with my earthquake insurance claim.

At the beginning of my claim they explained the process of reopening my claim; everything they said turned out to be accurate, and they were there for me over the whole process.

Without My Insurance Claim I wouldn’t have been aware of the earthquake issues I had in our family home.

I thoroughly recommend the whole team at My Insurance Claim.


When I met the My Insurance Claim team, they said there were no guarantees, but their technical people could possibly provide information to challenge the settlement offered to me by EQC based on their report. Within a few days the My Insurance Claim team produced a comprehensive report which revealed the extent of the underfloor damage; it was considerable. The photographs produced by the robots mounted camera spoke volumes. On the basis of this report EQC acknowledged and accepted that the damage has taken the claim over the “cap”.

When an EQC representative visited my home recently, just over a year from meeting My Insurance Claim, he asked why I became involved with My Insurance Claim. I said that what they offered was overwhelmingly better than nothing. I also said that I didn’t have the money to involve lawyers. A close friend had paid $30,000 plus $7,000 geotech reports and still had no resolution.

When I saw the EQC payment in my bank account my feeling of cautious optimism gave way to a feeling of sense of gratitude and peace. Over the years I have had many imagined discussions and arguments with EQC regarding what they offered me and what I felt obliged to accept. This time the team at My Insurance Claim acted on my behalf and looked after my interests. My special thanks to Amr El Sawaf for his support and for fronting up to meeting with EQC and IAG.